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Where is doja Pak from?

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

Doja Exclusive is one of the favorite cannabis brands in California. Doja exclusive is a company with a slightly different path from other cannabis companies in California

Doja Exclusive

Doja Exclusive™ trademark registration is intended to also cover the categories of clothing, footwear and headwear.

Where is Doja pack grown?

Doja pak Exclusive is based in British Columbia’s pleasant Okanagan Valley, where DOJA’s premium, hand-crafted bloom is developed. Born with a regard for the arrive, Doja Exclusive remains genuine to its West Coast roots gladly speaking to those “Of a Distinctive Strain" Top quality grades grown by the best growers in the west coast.

Where to buy Doja pak in Europe?

Doja Pak’s Ryan Bartholomew changed an underground weed-sourcing, merchant operation to a all inclusive recognized brand. It is now possible to order Doja exclusive flavors in europe directly from their website

How to buy Doja packs in Europe?

Doja pak now has a huge clientele base from Europe and it is now possible to order Doja Exclusive strains on our website Dojaexclusive shipping to Europe now available for all our Europe based clients. Visit our website now and reduced the stress of flying out to California. This also reduce the exploitation brought to you by middle men in Europe over pricing you.

Doja pak website

Due to high demand and recommendation from our partners and clients, we decided to bring Doja exclusive official website at your disposal. You can now order all Doja exclusive products from our official website Dojaexclusive at the comfort of your home.

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